Crash diets- A recent fad

Just two months left to a BIG occasion? Want to lose weight as soon as
possible? The best solution to achieve a quick weight loss is to go on a
“crash diet”. How about “Juice diet”, or maybe “Cabbage soup diet”? Oh
and how about the “GM diet”? Great ways to lose weight, right? NO!
This is the worst possible thing that you can do to your body. Crash diets
seem to be a great option due it’s drastic effects but in the long run they
cause more harm than good to the body. Such diets are programs that
assure rapid weight loss over a short period of time and are mostly done
without exercise. They mainly involve extreme food restrictions, thereby
creating large calorie deficits, and eventually leading to weight loss.
Losing weight, is basically just a math, wherein if your calories
consumed are lesser than calories burned, you will eventually lose the
weight. However, losing weight should not be the main priority, one
should also be mindful of the nutrients that they consume. Consumption
of a healthy nutritious diet is extremely crucial in order for one to stay
healthy and fit. One should aim at staying fit and not “thin”.



Anam kalsekar- Nutrition Coach

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