“Health is not valued till sickness comes” – Thomas fuller⁣

This is a time when we should all be strengthening our immune system as part of our preventative measures against the spread of COVID-19. ⁣

This is because the major role of the immune system is to protect your body from outside invadors such as bacteria, viruses etc as well as toxins. As a whole, the immune system also has a role to play in protecting against disease, fighting infections and cancer cells. ⁣

We all have an obligation towards our body and our health and we should not wait for the worst to happen before we take effective measures. ⁣

Whilst I encourage immune enhancing supplements, I would also like to add a few other ways to naturally improve your immunity. ⁣

– Increase your intake of vegetables to 5-7 a day and 2-3 fruits a day. The more variety of fruits and vegetables you have the higher the fibre you consume the more good bacteria is formed. Fibre acts as a prebiotic and prebiotics help with the formation of good bacteria and good bacteria fights off bad bacteria and improves the immune system 💪🏼 Most of us don’t even meet half of that requirement and no potatoes are not a vegetable 😀 ⁣

– Avoid sugar, refined – packaged foods, colourings, vegetable oils. All these impact our good bacteria and suppress the immune system. ⁣

– Enjoy the sun when it’s out! Research has shown that the sun activates key immune cells and boosts your immunity 🌞⁣

– Get some rest and sleep at night!Sleep actually improves the immune system. Infact a lack of sleep has been shown to lower our immune system increasing our susceptibility to infections. Shorter sleep durations have also been associated with an increase in catching the common cold!⁣

– If there is one thing that seriously affects the immune system it’s Stress. Ongoing stress especially makes us more susceptible to illness and disease this is due to the cortisol continuously being produced by the body. Cortisol overtime suppresses the immune system. ⁣

– Several studies suggest that regular physical activity is associated with decreased mortality and incidence rates for influenza and pneumonia. Exercising regularly also leads to a healthy immune system.⁣

– My all time favourite antibiotic, antimicrobial, antiviral, immune ehancing is good old raw fresh garlic. Add it daily to your salads, dips, soups, pasta etc ⁣

– Turmeric is also a great immune enhancer. It also works effectively at reducing any viral replication. ⁣

– Pre and probiotic rich foods including sauerkraut, kefir, leeks, onions , oats, manuka honey, banana and fibre foods in general. We have more bacterial cells in our body than human cells and infact a huge part of your immune system lies in your gut. This makes good bacteria ie probiotics essential for your overall immune health. ⁣

Antiviral and Immune enhancing herbal ⁣
teas ⁣

🍃Echinacea ⁣
🍃Lemon balm ⁣
🍃Star anise ⁣

Herbal teas may not be as “potent” in there strength as herbal supplements but you will still get the benefits and are a much better alternative to black tea. ⁣

*Please make sure you buy organic where possible due to the high pesticide content found in all teas. ⁣

Immune enhancing foods:⁣

🍋Citrus fruits ⁣
🍓 Berries ⁣
🍠 Sweet potatoes ⁣
🌶 Red peppers/Capsicum⁣
🥦 Brocolli ⁣

Remember to put trust in god first and then trust your body’s ability to heal itself provided that you give it the right tools to work with. ⁣

⁣-Nour Abulughod

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