7 Tips to keep constipation at bay

Many women these days are chronically constipated, which can lead further to many issues such as, piles,anal fistula,ulcers ,acne,allergies, even cancer (yes constipation and low vit d have been found common amongst cancer patients). Being constipated causes toxins that had to pass out get reabsorbed.so many of us are sooo chronically constipated that we have forgotten how smooth and easy to pass it actually should be

As moms ,we usually forget ourselves , here are few tips to keep constipation at bay

1. Water,WATER,more water. … thats the key,hydration, throughout the day, if you forget to drink,download a app to remind you that,or get three bottles one liter each, name it(do that so ur kids stay away lol) try finishing these three liters by end of the day. Remember every organ every cell in your body needs water to function well.
Heres a video on importance of water


2. Fiber. This one is easy,get some fruits, vegetables in,but remember to have water with fiber.
Include one or two dried figs daily

3. Good fats. Coconut oil,olive oil, butter,ghee, these are important to keep everything soft.

Try having a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil the last thing at night with warm water to get things moving.

4. Pre and Probiotics, i sound like a broken record here. But most of your immunity is from your gut,the microbiome there is very important, if u have used antibiotics ever,or eaten foods that have been sprayed with pesticide or meats that where injected with antibiotics, you need to keep replenishing your microbiome by having both pre and Probiotics . Having prebiotics is important as your Probiotics feed on them

Prebiotics: garlic,banana, sweet potato, onion, many more
A simple prebiotic would be adding teaspoon of apple cider vinegar WITH MOTHER to glass of water with teaspoon isabgol physllium husk.and drink before meals ,do it if acv suits you.


Probiotics: yoghurt,fermented rice, milk kefir, water kefir, (you can ask if anyone in your area has extra kefir grains to share or sell and start making this wonderful drink for lifetime at comforts of your home).it tastes like lassi, so kids enjoy it too .kefir has more good bacteria than yoghurt





Beet kvass ,another wonderful probiotic, so easy to make, you just need beetroot, sea salt, water,glass jar thats all. Its a liver tonic too



Sauerkraut, again simple to make at home,its a acquired taste. Rich in vit c and Probiotics



*when starting with probiotics start slow,as Probiotics help u detox,and if u havent had probiotics before,u might want to start half teaspoon a day and work your way up

5. Magnesium MAGNESIUM, yes low magnesium can cause constipation, weak bones, anxiety and much more. U can soak in epsom salts or add epsom salts to sitz bath.
Or make magnesium oil and apply on your arms and legs daily


6. Include cooling foods like cucumber, kokum, watermelon, soaked sabza seeds basil seeds, soaked chia seeds overnight,(soaking these seeds is important as they might go in absorb liquid and cause more constipation in some).tender coconut water.

7. And movement. Sedentary lifestyle makes constipation worse. Move every hour. Walk in a place. Squat. Jump. Any thing to get your body moving.

Hope this helps. Make informed choice. 


Farha aleem is a dentist by profession. At the moment a full time mom to two daughters. She loves staying close to nature, finding ways to eat more natural,and reducing the toxic overload on the body. She believes in treating the body holistically. She likes medicinal plants that help in different ailments.

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