7 Golden Rules & Basic Steps to treating your Baby’s Health Issues.

1. Note down any family history of allergies or conditions

2. See if the baby is exclusively breastfed or had been substituted with formula.

3. Observe any recent changes in your diet, routine or stress levels relatively same could be be with your baby, if you notice a change due to any of these factors, change it

4. See if you are using any synthetic products in your homes, chemical products like Clorox, detergents to wash babies clothes, perfume air

5. Any recent illness in you or baby and if you took over the counter medication, because this changes both your gut flora, you need to revive it through probiotics & prebiotics.

6. Try naturally available home products that have been evidence based and edible, without any chemical to treat a condition when it’s mild, if this does not work then…

7. Consider a doctor & make sure your doctor assess the historical data and advice accordingly


-Aysha Abrar

Healthy Kids Advocate, AMANI ChildBirth Trainee

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