11 Ways to have a Zero-Waste Ramadan

We all know that Ramadan is to fast from food and drink, but do we also know that avoiding wasting time is a very important factor in having a productive Ramadan? Here are 11 ways to combat wasting our resources and time to achieve a Zero-Waste Ramadan.


1. Avoid wasting food during suhur/ iftar, In this part of the world where usually it is 15-16 hours of fast, means time for just 2 meals, don’t just over eat to make up for 3 meals. 

2. Use left overs to the next day, since in Ramadan the quantity of eating is lesser we can always carry forward meals to the next day.

3. Break fast with dates and water, it boosts energy and hydrates your body and you can go for Maghrib immediately and then come to eat the meal.

4. Fast not only from food but from all evil deeds & your Nafs. Strive to better yourself & your family. Continue this jihad in nafs even after Ramadan.

5. Prioritize your Deen goals according to levels of Fard, Sunnah & Nafl. Achieve them, stick to them, even post Ramadan.

6. Avoid sleeping through-out the day and waking up near Zuhr Time.

7. Sleep Early and set alarm or alarms for Tahajjud.

8. Purify your wealth through Zakat. If you have a habit of giving your zakah in Ramadan then fulfill it as much as you can.

9. Keep your Fitra(food given just before eid salah) ready. You don’t need to rush last minute to buy items because the last 10 nights of Ramadan are going on.

10. Recycle your thoughts into pleasent ones. Declutter your mind from negative energy

11. Keep in touch with relations, friends, neighbours. Maintain silat-ur-rahim. Forgive past hurts & grudges.

12. Have an Eco- friendly Ramadan! Reduce waste, be productive, save water, resources and energy to the best of your abilities.


By Aysha Abrar

Aysha is a Homeschooling mom and is student of knowledge in Fiqh & Tafseer. She belie lives in less is more, and adopts a Minimalist and Holistic approach to her life. She is very  socially inclined to be involved in community effort, an entrepreneur who seeks to run a start up to a level of social enterprise. She is also training as a  breastfeeding counselor and Amani Child-Birth Educator and manages a support group for mothers online.


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